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Config Alternative Program

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You can set the sensore (channels A1 and A2) the dealer and the degree to which work unit, including testing without the appropriate thresholds can be set.

The settings file can lementhetőek into so many different models can be quickly changed (memory model)!

Short description:

The FrSky telemetry receivers (and taxes) by default, two analog channels (A1 and A2) and two RSSI (received signal strength is) return signal (signal strength of all the other measures).

Can be measured by the receiver of taxes térerejéhez alarm level (RSSI TX). Two analog channels can be set per channel mode and alarm signals in two levels! The transmitter module with the supplied RS232C serial port or USB connector must be connected to a PC and using the above program the alarms can be configured to retrieve, modify.

The V2's to the A1 channel telemetry receivers right into the servo feed line is connected to two voltage divider (also in the normal and the other high-voltage equipment). So this is the input voltage is measured at the factory system.

The A2 is leading the receiver input, you can use it freely! The input up to 3.3V was able to receive and an 8-bit A / D converter is connected. We recommend using as input to the appropriate division. Lithium battery is used to measure, but other sensor can measure anything. The point is that the maximum input must not exceed 3.3V own!

If you set the graduation rate in the program, just see the alarm thresholds. As you may have different configurations are used, it is possible to program the values ​​and save the file into memory using such models.


Once installed, the program must first be connected to the serial port module FrSky tax. If you use a USB adapter, then added in front of the virtual USB serial driver is installed and should be noted with what Comm port (the "My Computer Properties / Hardware Tools" menu, to view it)!

The Start button starts the monitoring of telemetry data. The values ​​displayed are the dealer within the measured values. The RX RSSI is a non-documented information, the transmitter side of the receiver signal (the receiver re-radiated signal strength)!

The Read Config button to query the current values ​​of adómodulból (the dealers and not stored in the transmitter unit!).

The RSSI alarm levels can not be read, just write!

If you want to set an alarm, then the channel account page (Inside or Outside A1 A2) to the desired alarm 1 and / or alarm 2 are set to go through the ranks.
Two Alarm is made to two or range (eg, upper and lower), or to forecast well able to produce.

A series of interpretation:
Level = the level of alarm (1 to 3 and out on stage).
Chevron (<) = lower / higher relations number (and alarm thresholds relative to the direction specify).
Threshold (value) = this is the alarm threshold level (8-bit A / D converter for direct value).
= Sign after the alarm value, calculated in units appropriate to the division ratio.
Send button to upload the series of values ​​of the inn.
The LED indicates that this saved the line (not saved = Red, Green = saved).
The unit can be field set to the measured value units (only the outer szenzornál be specified).
Divisor field splitting rate of the sensor can be used.

Note The comment field can give us the set values, which is saved into the file to be chosen.

From the File menu:

Save Model menu full of options been altered
Load Model menu to restore

The top model field contains the name of the currently loaded file.

Additional information:

Flytron attenuator

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